audio stories to learn english mp3

audio stories to learn english mp3

How to Use Stories
and find the right story 

Stories has content in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.
Use the categories menu at the top of the Discover page to choose the stories that are right for 
you. You can find English stories in categories like Littlest Listeners, Tween, and Literary 
Classics. All of our other content is grouped into categories by language. Browse through the 
categories or use the search function to look for books and authors you know.

طريقة استعمال الموقع للاستماع الى القصص وتطوير لغتك الانجليزيه

رابط الموقع

بعض الاسئله الشائعه عن كيفية استعمال الموقع

How to access Audible Stories 

Audible Stories can be accessed from virtually anywhere. On your computer, tablet, or 
smartphone, just navigate to Make sure you are using the latest version of 
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browsers. No login, no payments, and no strings attached! 

How to continue your story where you left off 

If you want to stop a story and come back to listen later, you must use the same device and 
browser – then you can pick up where you left off. Remember that you can only continue 
listening to your most recent story. For instance, if you start listening to Title A and then switch 
to listening to Title B, only your place in Title B will be saved. If you lose your place, you can 
always use the chapters or the player slider to try to find what you last heard.
Note: Safari on iPad will not play the second title until the page is refreshed. We are working on 
fixing this, but for now please refresh the page or use Chrome.

How to entertain multiple listeners at the same time 

There is no limit to the number of people who can listen to Audible Stories at the same time. We 
recommend using different device-browser combinations for each listener, so each listener can 
stop and continue listening without losing their place. 
How long can I access Stories?
Stories will be here so kids everywhere and of all ages can stream incredible content to keep 
their minds engaged while daily routines are disrupted in these unprecedented circumstances.
How are you protecting my privacy?
Stories is designed to be a completely anonymous experience. Listeners won’t be required to 
create an account or log in to listen, and we’ll never ask for any personal information as part of 
the listening experience.
How can I cancel the service?
The Stories streaming service is offered completely free. You do not need to cancel to stop listening
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