Carry has a lot of meanings Come see it

معنى كلمة carry
تعرف  معنى كلمة carry, تعريف كلمة carry

الفعل carry

 له معاني كتير تعالوا نشوفها👀👇

-Carry = تشيل حاجة وتنقلها من مكان للتاني

-Carry = مصاب بمرض معدي
👉Plague is carried by mice

-Carry = لو شايل حاجة في جيبك او شنطتك

-Carry = يحتوي علي معلومة او قصة او اعلان
👉All the newspapers carried that news

-Carry= الصوت ينتقل مسافة
👉The sound carries as far as the street when I play music

-Carry = ان شيء يكون له نتيجة معينة
👉Murder carries death sentence

-Be carried = يتم الموافقة عليه
👉That decision is carried

-Carry sth too far = exaggerate = يبالغ
👉She carried that story too far

-Be / get carried away = ينجرف في مشاعره
👉Her wedding is coming soon. She got carried away and bought things she didn’t need.

-Carry weight = ذو قيمة
👉My opinions carries weight to my friends

-Carry off = ينجح في عمل شيء
👉I carried off my graduation project

-Carry on= continue يستمر
👉You can’t carry on with this unhealthy lifestyle

-Carry out =تقوم بعمل محتاج تنظيم
👉We carried out a questionnaire

– Carry out = تعمل حاجة مطلوبة منك
👉I am going to carry out his instructions

-Carry sth through = تكمل العمل بنجاح
👉When I set my mind on something, I carry it through

-Carry sb through =يساعده في محنة او وقت صعب
👉His friend carried him through the bad times, he’s a good friend.

-Carry back = يعيد لذكريات زمن ماضي
👉That song carried me back to my childhood

-Carry over = يغير معاد او مكان
👉I am not feeling well so I asked my secretary to carry over my meetings

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