English Test With Answers

 Try these first.
Choose the best answer for each question. When you have finished all the questions, click on The
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1. I always enjoy ______ swimming.

2. If the weather had been nicer, Jose and Ching __________ swimming.

3. It’s difficult to understand the announcer because he speaks _________.

4. If I ________ you needed a car, I would’ve lent you mine.

5. If you ________ to Ottawa, you might see the Prime Minister.

6. She’s done her homework, ______ ?

7. Mario has been playing soccer ________ 11:00 this morning.

8. If I made $20,000 a year, I _________ pay $4.000 in tax.

9. My car ____________ from the parking lot last night.

10. Malgorzata left class early because she ____________ go to work.

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