illiteracy Writing Causes And Effects

illiteracy Writing Causes And Effects

Illiteracy is the condition of being unable to read and write. Nowadays; illiteracy has became a big problem in many countries and not only in poor ones.The situation is very worrying because it is not only a matter of education but also has a great social impact.

Illiteracy is not caused by a lack of intelligence. it is often a result of outside factors such as poverty or lack of literacy in the family .Poverty or low income is one clear reason of illiteracy, When the poor man can’t make ends meet with his meager income then he is forced to send his children to work, These children should instead be going to schools and getting a good education . Another way that illiteracy leads to poverty is that it alienates a person from his rights. An illiterate person isn’t aware of his rights, and so he can be easily manipulated and exploited.

In addition to poverty, there are many other causes of illiteracy such as the negative attitude towards Learning, there are certain sections of people who look down upon education and regard it with contempt. Also, Emigration of Educated Individuals can causes in illiteracy,Many
such individuals decide to settle overseas on account of better working conditions and higher compensations, to acquire greater living standards, or to advance their own personal development by exposing themselves to new cultures, such educated individuals creates a negative impact on the literacy rates of their own country.

The effects of illiteracy often negatively impact a nation’s ability to develop its human resources. Countries with a high illiteracy rate are more likely to be disadvantaged in the global economy. Moreover; illiteracy increases in crime; people who could not receive an sufficient education are more likely to be a drug addict than others. As people who are in the grip of illiteracy can not make right decisions and they might not protect himself from drug addiction.

In conclusion, the individual, society and government have responsibility in solving the problem of illiteracy. The utmost responsibility lies with the parents who are the first instance impact to their kids.

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