Im Getting my mom a house for Christmas

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I’m Getting my mom a house for Christmas

I have had this in the works for the past couple of months but I’m so ready for December. My mom means the world to me. She raised me by herself in a two bedroom apartment, working three jobs just to keep me and my brother in good health. She has worked her whole life away to make sure that me and my brother have a good life so now it’s time to give back. 
I am 3 years out of college and have been working at a big pharmaceutical company since graduating. Have loved it and the pay is great, I have saved about 75% of my earnings each year, investing and putting it in savings. I’m finally able to afford a house, but I would hate to be in a nice house and see my mom live in that old 80’s looking apartment. I got a house in a nice new development and I’m going to surprise my mom and brother on Christmas Eve with it. As tradition we always go and see Christmas lights on Christmas Eve, and I’m going to take them to the neighborhood where I bought the house and then park and walk into the house. And give my family a new home for Christmas, finally a house. No more landlords for my mom to deal with, just relaxation and the slow pace of suburb life. I’m ready to have a family home, not an apartment, one where we can have future thanksgivings, Christmas’s, Mother’s Day’s, and New Years parties. Family is what makes life worth living, love them with all my heart.

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