Noun Definition & Types Of Nouns

Noun Definition & Types Of Nouns

The Noun 

A noun is a word used to name a person or place or thing or an idea, Nouns may be classified in three ways : Proper Or Common, Abstract or Concrete and Collective.

1) Proper noun 

  • A proper noun names a particular person, place, or thing and is capitalized.

Example : Ann, New Mexico, Sears Tower.

2) Common noun

  • A common noun does not name a particular person, place or thing Common nouns are not capitalized 

Example : woman, district, chair.

3) Abstract noun

  • An abstract noun names a quality, a characteristic, an idea, peace, civilization, honor, justice.

4) Concrete noun 

  • A concrete noun names an object that can be perceived by the senses 

Example  : star, whisper, flame, cinnamon

5) Collective noun

  • A Collective noun names a group like : jury, band, family 


  • A compound noun is a noun of more than one word 

Example : Country Savings and Loan Association, roller coaster.

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