Past Perfect – Future perfect Simple

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Past Perfect

نستعمل الماضي التام عندما يكون حدث قد وقع قبل حدث آخر في الماضي
** When two actions are in the past and one precedes the other, the first in time is put in the past perfect.
** When we report what people had said , we use past perfect ( reported speech lesson )
** We also use past perfect in conditional type three.
** We further use past perfect with the following words : already before after until as soon as
1/ Jamal had done his homework before he went out
2/ By the time he arrived, the lecture had already started.
3/ When I arrived at the airport, there was no plane . It had already taken off.
4/ If I had known you were ill, I would have visited you

Future perfect Simple

It is used to say that something will already be completed by a time / an action completed by a certain time in the future
نستعمل هذا الزمن للإشارة إلى حدث معين أو حالة معينة سوف تكتمل وتنتهي قبل حدث آخر أو وقت معين في المستقبل
و غالبا ما نستعمل by مع هذا الزمن
By October the first, he will have received his promotion
( he will probably have it in August or September )
By next June, we will have finished building our house

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