Some Important Stylistic Devices

Some Important Stylistic Devices
Stylistic devices makes your speeches, essays etc. more interesting and lively and help you to get and
keep your reader’s ( listener’s ) attention .
So here are Some important stylistic devices


Simile : the word ” Simile ” comes from the Latin ‘ Similis ‘ ‘ like ‘ and means ‘ likeness ‘
A simile is a comparison between two things using the words ‘ like ‘ or ‘ as
in the comparison is expressed, explicit.
These are used typically to help the reader get a true of a trait .
Tow things are compared directly by using ‘ like’ ( A is like B )
She walks like a gorilla .
The cookie in Mark’s lunchbox was as hard as a rock .


Metaphor : compares two different things in a figurative sense . Unlike in a simile ( A is like B ), “Like”
is not used in metaphor ( A is B ) .
The comparison is implied, implicit. the word ” metaphor ” comes from the Greek,
meta-over ; ‘ phero ‘-cany.
it means literally, ” a carrying over” ; and by this figure of speech a word is transferred,
or carried over, from the object to which it belongs to another in such a manner
that a comparison is implied, though not clearly stated.
Truths are first clouds, then rain, then harvest and food. { Henry Ward Beecher }
Through much of the last century, America’s faith in freedom and democracy was a rock
in a raging sea. Now it is a seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations.

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